Welcome to the website of the Co. Monaghan Network of Tidy Towns groups & Residents Associations.

The Network was established in 2001 under the umbrella of Monaghan Community Forum. It enables groups with an interest in environmental enhancement to come together to:
– learn from one another
– explore common solutions to shared problems
– organise activities which support the groups in our work
– liaise with Monaghan County Council
– receive information on the supports which are available to groups
– feed into the Community Forum, including selection of reps to serve on decision-making structures of relevance to our groups

Membership is open to all community & voluntary groups which have an interest in improving their physical surroundings.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I live in 18 Cluain Lorcain Monaghan town. Recently a tidy towns flag has been installed at the entrance of our estate. I am delighted to see it but I would like to know more about it. I will send a newsletter to all the residents to explain about it if I know something. Thanks

  2. Emer from Monaghan Tidy Towns tells me that this is the Junior Tidy Towns Flag.
    “The flag pole has been there for a while but we added the flag a few weeks ago.”
    She says Elaine or Gerry in Cluain Lorcain should be able to tell you more about it, or if you would like, I can pass your details on to her.

  3. Thank you for replying to me. I would appreciate it if I could get more information. There is no committee here since last year and we are not aware of inspections for tidy towns deadlines etc. The kids are dead willing for litter picking which is continuing often. I physically can’t do the weeding etc but I have a few tools I’ll lend to volunteers. I just need to know what our targets are. We were an award winning estate and I’d like to get us back on track. My tel. no is 047 71925 and I would love to talk to anyone who can support me in encouraging the residents back to award winning status. There is interest out there just not organised yet. Can Emer call my number please. Thank ‘s.

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