Have you considered participating in ‘Can It’?

Dear Tidy Towns Committee,

Alupro Ireland has sponsored the Can It! award since 2008 and we are delighted to be doing so again this year- we also run the Every Can Counts Campaign which is a free programme about can recycling, open to Educational Facilities and Community Groups.

If you are interested in collecting cans separately for your community- Every Can Counts, may be the way forward, we provide you with bags & bins, posters and stickers to help you to collect cans at points where cans are generated in your community and you may collect them as a community and use the cans as a source of income for charity and community projects- including the Tidy Towns.

You can even use some of the cans you collect for the sponsored prizes as part of Tidy Towns – CanIt! And Eco Unesco environmental award for sustainable design – each with prize fund of 1,000 euros all we ask is that the cans collected are counted and recycled in an environmentally sound fashion.
We ask for your collector and the number of can bags recycled every 6 months and it is up to you how you implement the campaign…. A Champion is always needed, but if you are determined there is a great reward environmentally and economically for community groups involved.

We look forward to your applications for this year- we have had some wonderful work so far, thank you for all your effort and hard work! If you know of any Tidy Towns Groups that have not heard of our work please feel free to pass it on- we only have emails for those groups who have made contact with us directly or are in the public domain.

Kind regards,

Alupro Ireland &
The Every Can Counts Team,
Ballinderry House,
Co. Meath

Tel: 046 9555591
Fax: 046 9555602
Mobile: 087 6016723

Application form available at: http://www.everycancounts.ie
Email: info@aluproireland.ie