Go Bats this summer!

Ever fancy going a little batty?
Well, now’s your chance!

Bat expert, Dr Tina Aughney, will be giving a talk on bat identification, followed by a practical workshop in using bat detection equipment, in the Hillgrove Hotel on Wednesday June 4th at 7.30pm. Bats are a very important part of the ecosystem, as they are the only airborne insect predator in Ireland which operates at night. Without bats, we’d be over-run with midges, and that’s just for starters!

Dr Aughney will give a talk about bats and how to identify them, and then after a quick cup of tea, we’ll head down to the Ulster Canal Greenway to do a spot of bat detecting. Bat detection equipment is being provided by Monaghan County Council, so all you need to bring is suitable footwear and possibly a torch!

The Co Monaghan Network of Tidy Towns Groups & Residents Associations has put together a ‘Biodiversity Kit’, which includes bat detecting equipment, wildlife collection jars and a wealth of identification sheets and books. The kit can be borrowed from Monaghan Library, and is available to any group, school or individual.

The workshop on the 4th will be followed by a further workshop on Tuesday July 8th in Rossmore Forest Park, which will focus on Daubenton’s Bat. Dr Aughney hopes to train up a number of volunteers to participate in the national survey of this rare mammal, which feeds by skimming over open water.

Participation in these events is FREE. For further information, contact Carol Lambe in Monaghan County Council, at clambe@monaghancoco.ie, or 047 30500