Going Batty in Monaghan!

Dr Tina Aughney of Bat Conservation Ireland www.batconservationireland.org gave the Network an excellent presentation on the bat species to be found in Ireland on Weds 4th June 2014. You can download a pdf of her presentation here.

The talk was followed by a practical workshop in bat detection along the Ulster Canal Greenway at dusk, where we found a roost of soprano pipistrels and also spotted several Leislers bats – there is a large colony of ‘regional importance’ in Monaghan town. Ireland is the most important location for Leislers bats in the world, so it was wonderful to learn that Monaghan is playing its part in conserving this important species.

We’ve added a page for bats to this website, which you can find here

Bat Conservation Ireland are asking for volunteers to help them to conduct an important survey of Daubenton’s Bat in August. The survey involves walking a 1km stretch of river two nights in August – once at the start of the month, and once at the end – and stopping every 100m to observe the water for 4 minutes and count the number of bats which pass low over the water’s surface. You will be given a bat detector to use, and a training evening will be held for volunteers on Tuesday July 8th. A certificate acknowledging your assistance will be provided by Bat Conservation Ireland – you can use this as part of your Tidy Towns entry form next year.

If you’re interested in participating, please complete the form below, which will be forwarded automatically to Bat Conservation Ireland.