National Tidy Towns competition news

Hot news from Debbie Nesbitt:

The competition deadline is now confirmed for 22nd May.  The Department has also confirmed that the first round adjudication will be conducted later this year. The first round adjudication will occur approximately 2 weeks later this year – judging 1st rounds will be between 13th June and 31st July 2015 with second round adjudication occurring in August.

A new special award has also been confirmed this year.

Special Youth Award:

The Special Youth Award is a new initiative of the SuperValu TidyTowns competition which aims to celebrate the contribution of young people to TidyTowns activities and to encourage greater youth involvement with TidyTowns groups. The award is for young people aged under 18 years of age. Awards will be made at National and regional level for projects which substantially involve young people, working together with their local TidyTowns group, to deliver benefits to their local community.

Eligibility Criteria: The project must come under at least one of the categories in the main Supervalu TidyTowns Competition. It can also be listed as a project on the Entry Form of the local TidyTowns group. The project must be for the current TidyTowns year and must be led by youth with the support of their local TidyTowns group. Projects completed in previous years are not eligible. It must be capable of being adjudicated upon during the current TidyTowns adjudication period. Adjudication will be carried out by the TidyTowns adjudicators. The project cannot be entered for any of the other Special Awards.