Need to report a faulty street light?

You can now report  faulty public lighting on the website,  

Monaghan County Council asks that when logging a fault on a public light using, please add a contact name and phone number of the relevant person who can be contacted in the comment box, so that the repair technician can call to verify he is dealing with the correct light when out on site. It is not always practical to turn on all the lights on a street during the day to visually check which light is out, so these contact details are important for the repair technician. This will help ensure efficient operation of this system.

 For most faults reported, the planned repair time in our current contract is within 14 days. An exception to this is when a light is difficult to access and requires special Health & Safety procedures. In these difficult access cases, repairs are carried out when there are sufficient quantities in an area to justify mobilisation of the required H & S equipment. This could be several weeks or even months.