Study Trips

From time to time, we hit the road and go look at towns and villages which have been successful in the National Tidy Towns competition. It’s a great way to get fresh inspiration, as well as great craic!
Study Trip to Newtowncashel & Keadue, Sept 2002
Study Trip to Tallanstown, Sept 2012

‘A second Eye’

Groups visit one another to run a ‘second eye’ over the area. Often it’s easy to miss something obvious when you’re looking at it every day!

Freebies from our Friends in the Council

  • Monaghan County Council makes spring bulbs to groups free of charge every October.
  • In spring, the Council purchases a number of native trees and again gives them out to groups free of charge
  • Twice a year, the Council provides groups with free skips to support us in carrying out clean-ups

Information on Funding Opportunities

Monaghan County Council and Monaghan Community Forum bring any relevant funding opportunities to our attention, sometimes inviting organisations to come speak to the NEtwork about the supports they have available, such as Cavan Monaghan LEADER’s Village & Countryside Enhancement measure


By coming together, we were able to negotiate with an insurance broker, JLT, to set up a group scheme for our members. This has saved each group money on their annual insurance premium.

We have also organised briefing sessions with the Area Engineers in the Council to agree what works are to be carried out and to jointly plan future work programmes. A number of joint projects have emerged from this initiative, and are being submitted to LEADER for funding.

Web Training

Members with a knowledge of the internet have helped other members to set up simple websites for their groups using the free web building site,


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