Free Trees

As part of National Tree Week, The Tree Council of Ireland has provided Monaghan County Council with a number of native saplings to distribute to groups who wish to plant them in public areas.

The trees are approx. 2-3ft tall, and will need staking and protecting. If you’re not prepared to do this, don’t take a tree – leave it for a group who will look after it.

If you decide to go ahead with your tree planting, contact Carol Lambe or Fionnuala Mulligan in the Community Dept of Monaghan Co Co to arrange to collect your specimens  047 30500


National Tree Week starts 5th March – free Trees available from Monaghan County Council

To mark National Tree Week, the Tree Council of Ireland has made a number of young trees available to community groups through Monaghan County Council, for planting in public places.

The trees come in a range of native Irish species, including ash, rowan, holly, birch, oak  and hazel. If you are interested in availing of this offer, contact Fionnuala Mulligan in the Community Dept of Monaghan County Council.

Tel. 047 30500

Help record how our Garden Birds are getting on

Birdwatch Ireland’s Garden Bird Survey kicks off on the 5th of December this year. We urge as many people as possible to get involved as it is suitable for all levels of birdwatching. It also makes for a great school project. As the Irish countryside changes, gardens are becoming increasingly important havens for many species, and it is vital for us to know how their populations are faring. The GBS does this not only by giving us a good idea of how our garden birds themselves are doing, but also an indication of how the environment is faring in general. For more information please check out Bird Watch Ireland’s website or if you have any questions please contact Michelle on 01-2819878.…/Gar…/tabid/121/Default.aspx

National Tree Week – saplings available

 ESB Tree Week 2016 kicks off in Co. Monaghan 


ESB Tree Week kicks off March 6th, running to March 13th this year to celebrate one of nature’s greatest assets that has an enormous benefit to communities, the environment and the public’s general wellbeing. ESB hopes that people will get involved in events that are taking place in their local area during the week and show their support under the #ESBTreeWeek hashtag.

This ESB Tree Week, running from March 6th – 13th, ESB is trying to reconnect the nation to trees through hundreds of events all over the country.

People are encouraged to visit to find out about local events happening in their area, and to find ways to get outside to learn about, grow and enjoy trees. The campaign also includes a film called Wood for the Trees which demonstrates how disconnected from nature modern families have become and that children are not spending as much time with trees as their parents did when they were young. The film is available to view at

Currently in its 32nd year, ESB Tree Week will run from the 6th-13th of March and ESB is asking Irish people to get outside, to learn about, grow and, most importantly, enjoy trees.  ESB Tree Week is organised by the Tree Council of Ireland with the support of Coillte Ireland and sponsored by ESB. To launch ESB Tree Week, Monaghan County Council will have a number of native species saplings to give out to communities, schools etc. Contact Fionnuala Mulligan on 047 30500 to make arrangements to pick yours up.

Pat O’Doherty of ESB said, “Tree Week is a good fit for ESB because it reflects the spirit of what we stand for in terms of promoting sustainability, respecting nature and supporting communities right across Ireland. We actively promote sustainability across our business and this year, we will plant over 100,000 trees on ESB sites across Ireland. ESB Tree Week provides an opportunity to remind people why trees matter, and together with the Tree Council of Ireland, we are encouraging people to take the time to appreciate them, either by learning about them, planting them or just simply getting out into the fresh air to enjoy them. “

Kevin Hutchinson, President of the Tree Council of Ireland said: “This year’s ESB Tree Week promises to be the biggest one yet with hundreds of events happening around the country to celebrate trees. We hope that people of all ages are able to get out and enjoy their local events. With the support of ESB we have been able to reach out further and deeper into communities to demonstrate the benefits of trees and get more people involved than ever before.”

Gerard Murphy, Managing Director, Coillte Forest said: “Coillte is delighted to be providing the 15,000 native Irish trees which are at the heart of the events taking place around the country between the 6th and 13th March. Coillte has donated approx 450,000 trees since Tree Week began and has been a proud supporter of the event and of the Tree Council of Ireland for 30 years.”


tree week poster

Squirrel feeding boxes available

Carol Lambe in Monaghan Co Co has two feeding boxes and a quantity of feed available for a group which would like to support their local squirrel population. Red squirrels preferably. Group will need to report back on whether they’re being used or not. The feeders are courtesy of the Blackwater River Trust.
Contact Carol by email at

Go Bats this summer!

Ever fancy going a little batty?
Well, now’s your chance!

Bat expert, Dr Tina Aughney, will be giving a talk on bat identification, followed by a practical workshop in using bat detection equipment, in the Hillgrove Hotel on Wednesday June 4th at 7.30pm. Bats are a very important part of the ecosystem, as they are the only airborne insect predator in Ireland which operates at night. Without bats, we’d be over-run with midges, and that’s just for starters!

Dr Aughney will give a talk about bats and how to identify them, and then after a quick cup of tea, we’ll head down to the Ulster Canal Greenway to do a spot of bat detecting. Bat detection equipment is being provided by Monaghan County Council, so all you need to bring is suitable footwear and possibly a torch!

The Co Monaghan Network of Tidy Towns Groups & Residents Associations has put together a ‘Biodiversity Kit’, which includes bat detecting equipment, wildlife collection jars and a wealth of identification sheets and books. The kit can be borrowed from Monaghan Library, and is available to any group, school or individual.

The workshop on the 4th will be followed by a further workshop on Tuesday July 8th in Rossmore Forest Park, which will focus on Daubenton’s Bat. Dr Aughney hopes to train up a number of volunteers to participate in the national survey of this rare mammal, which feeds by skimming over open water.

Participation in these events is FREE. For further information, contact Carol Lambe in Monaghan County Council, at, or 047 30500

Got an eye for the Birds?

The RSPB Northern Ireland invites you to a public workshop on:

 Tuesday 4th March, at 7.30pm

 in the Enniskillen Hotel 

The RSPB is considering applying for a Landscape Partnership project to the Heritage Lottery Fund and is seeking the views of as many stakeholders as possible. 

 Your input on the evening of Tuesday 4th March would be greatly appreciated.  Topics to be explored will include: why the area is special to you, what you value most, what are the threats, and what projects would you like to see happen in the future.


For more information contact Caroline Marshall on 028 9049 1547 or Giles Knight on 077037 16839.